Dear Ricky King Children’s Fund,

On behalf of AuKeria and I, I’d like to Thank the Ricky King Foundation for funding the stroller for my little princess. I am truly grateful to Ricky King for purchasing the stroller for her. I truly feel that we have been blessed. AuKeria is a Mother’s First Love, she is my oldest daughter, my special princess, and will forever be mommy’s baby. I always try to ensure that AuKeria has everything that she needs to help improve her quality of life and with your generosity you have helped to make this possible for her. Words alone cannot express the joy I have in my heart knowing that Aukeria is finally going to have the stroller that she has been in desperate need of. AuKeria currently has a wheelchair that she uses for school and transportation but when she falls asleep she is extremely uncomfortable because she is unable to lay back or adjust her position. Before the Ricky King Foundation I did not know how I was going to afford the stroller for her. Your organization has been a blessing to us and we will forever be grateful. Thank you Rick King for blessing my family.
The proud mommy of AuKeria

AuKeria suffers from Corpus Callosum, Aicardi Syndrome, Spasms and Epilepsy. The fund purchased a special needs stroller for AuKeria.

AuKeria sitting in her new special needs stroller.