Board of Directors

A Note from the Board

The Ricky King Children’s Fund exists solely for the purpose of providing a funding source for specific medical equipment and services for the children of Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties. Examples might include such one-time needs as a wheelchair, a lift to allow a wheelchair-bound child access to a passenger van, or a breathing apparatus. The Fund does not provide for payment of general medical expenses or living expenses, nor does it provide funds for adults.

Donations to the Ricky King Children’s Fund are earmarked almost exclusively to provide for the children. We have one part-time employee and we split all office expenses with another non-profit. Most all other services have been donated by very generous and concerned members of the community.

Referrals to the Ricky King Children’s Fund often come from Children’s Medical Services, physicians, hospitals, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, Hope Hospice, civic groups, or individuals. There is a very simple application process which consists of completing a short form, providing a letter of medical necessity from the medical provider and substantiating financial need. The application is then reviewed by our Children’s Needs Committee. The Children’s Needs Committee then makes the final decision to either approve or deny the request. Requests are funded in whole or in part and paid directly to the provider of the medical equipment or service.

Should the review committee question the application, it will generally be referred to the president and/or vice president for a final determination.

  • Heather Tice, President

  • Daniel Weidenbruch, Vice President

  • Cynthia Bennett, Treasurer

  • Joan King, President Emeritus

  • Jaime Dancer

  • Maria Eaton