RKCF purchased Kayla, who has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy mixed with spasticity and dystonia, an adaptive tricycle. An adaptive tricycle was medically necessary to allow for exercising and active stretching to prevent contractures, pain and deconditioning, and avoid other medical complications.

“We’ve never gotten a piece of equipment of any kind that has fit Kayla SO perfectly! We did not have to make 1 adjustment! Her positioning, posture and padding is absolutely perfect! She loves everything about this bike thank you thank you thank you for helping us get this, she would’ve suffered without having a bike as it’s the only way she can move herself, especially her tight legs! We never could’ve afforded this trike this means so much to us. Now Kayla can ride with her step brother outside and even do “wheelies” like him haha,” said Kayla’s mother.”