Prior to receiving a special needs stroller, Mark’s mother wrote, “I just wish to be able to take my son out for a walk to places for him to enjoy and that my other two kids would be able to enjoy life too. He is 11 years old and weighs 71 pounds so a regular stroller is too small.”

Mark was unable to be taken out into public without being restrained, because he would run away. The severity of his autism prohibited him from being aware of his own safety or surroundings. This prohibited his mother from taking all three of her children on public outings.

Dear Ricky King Children’s Fund,

I appreciate the help that you gave me. This means so much to me, because it will greatly improve my son’s quality of life. Now he can socialize with his brother and sisters. With this stroller I can take the kids to the museum and zoo. He deserves it and my other two children do too.

Thank you with all my heart!
Mark’s mother

Mark suffers from Autism. The fund purchased a special needs stroller for Mark.

Mark sitting in his new wheel chair.