RKCF was able to help a 4-year old boy named Yanuel. Yanuel has Cerebral Palsy, a seizure disorder and global developmental delay. He is unable to stand on his own.

Yanuel’s physical therapist requested an Upsee. An Upsee is a mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult. It is a system made up of an adult hip belt, a child harness, and shared sandals. The Upsee allows Yanuel to walk around the house with his parents, go to the park, walk his neighborhood, and allows for the interaction between Yanuel and his family, friends and neighbors.

As you can see from the photo. Yanuel loves being able to stand up and walk around with his mother!

Yanuel and his mom standing in front of a building.


Yanuel and his mom standing in an outside hallway.